Yew Skateboards started in 2013 by a 15 year old skateboarder, Noah Moncrieff, his father, and family friend Erik Weeman. Headquartered in the state of Washington, "Yew" is common a saying used after someone lands a trick. The meaning of Yew is celebration; a brand that is all about fun, excitement, commitment to yourself, the love for skateboarding, and most importantly, to Live Like Yew.

Yew Skateboards is dedicated to celebrating skateboarding. Stocked in 15 skateshops across the world including Cal Sk8, Three Amigos Skateshop, and Zumiez US & Canada, Yew continues to spread nothing but good vibrations. #yewskateboards

In 2014, we lost a dear friend of ours, London "Lcat" Stoll. He has inspired us with his passion and admirable positive attitude on and off the board. An amazing skateboarder and an even more outstanding friend. We love and miss yew London. Every Yew deck is stamped on the top with a LcatForever logo in honor of Lcat.

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