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Tuesday's Yewsday

♪ Today's song choice: Well Well Well - John Lennon ♪

Everyday is a day closer to warmer Pacific Northwest weather and we can feel it. The photos below are from a trip we made up to Vashon Island, Washington Summer 2019. Met up with Al, (Alex Wilson), and enjoyed a nice 20 minute ferry ride in the Puget Sound with good music and good company.

The beautiful island of Vashon has a skatepark in the midst of the evergreen trees and beautiful views of Mt. Rainier. The park features a large, outdoor concrete bowl with some wonderfully smooth concrete. Right behind the bowl, there lies a indoor skatepark. This place has got two miniramps, couple hubbas, down rails, quarters, flatbars and boxes-so if you get rained out on the way to the park you can still have a full sesh. If you're ever in the Seattle or Tacoma area, we highly suggest taking the ferry out to Vashon, along with the other islands, and rip some of the parks out there. You won't be disappointed.

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