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Terrell Mall Benches

On the heart of the Washington State University campus lies the Terrell Mall Rd. This is a beautifully constructed road/pathway that is one of the most central areas on the campus. This spot is a common skate area with minimal kick-out to none. Cops usually drive by or they stop and cheer you on to land a trick. People from all over come to skate these benches and they have even been featured in major skateboarding videos. The ground is a mix of hexagonal bricks and a granite-like tile that has a glossy finish, all of which are perfect to roll and skate on. The benches are some of the best to skate with a total of eight; four on both sides of the path. Terrell benches are made out of recycled plastic so there is no wax necessary for this spot at all. Perfect grind or slide every time and they have been that way since they have been implemented. Another cool attribute to this spot is that it can be skated 24/7. Day or night, you can skate the Terrell Mall benches; there are bright lights that light up the entire spot at night. Skating these benches feels like no other. It is definitely a unique skate spot that is perfect for filming lines, skating by yourself, and especially a great meetup spot for a group of friends to hit the town and skate.


Webster Ledge


Webster Hall is a building near the center of campus that holds a few classic skate spots in the area. One of these spots is the Webster Ledge right out front. It is slightly in between the Webster building and the Stimson Hall building, located on College Ave. This ledge has been around for years now and is a prime concrete ledge to skate. Wax is usually needed if you're trying to do any slides on the ledge. The ground surrounding the spot is immensely smooth just like the ledge. Great spot for filming and especially for getting lines. The ledge is slightly downhill if you are skating regular (backside) or goofy (frontside) and then it is slightly uphill for the opposite for each stance. No kick out ever and no hassle with police or security. Skating flat ground is nice at this spot as well since the concrete is very smooth. 

Fulmer Dumpster Hubba

Directly across the street from the Webster Ledge is the Fulmer Dumpster Hubba. This hubba is a legendary spot in Pullman, Washington. This spot can be skated both frontside and backside. There is a large crack on the left side of the ledge and the main side (pictured) is more of a gap-to-hubba. Many tricks have gone down on this hubba. Corey Duffel did a backside blunt and a kickflip backside 50-50 down this hubba in a video back from around 2008. As of lately, (2019), the hubba has been more chunky and needs wax. There is no kick out ever at this spot but there usually is a dumpster and a metal bar that need to be moved to the side to be able to skate the hubba. All of the ground around this spot can only be described as ordinary or standard sidewalk concrete. A downside to this skate spot besides the one deep crack is that it can smell like a dump sometimes, but hey, it's worth it for some skateboarding :)


8 Stair Rail


Another landmark for Pullman skateboarding is the 8 stair rail. This rail is easy to get to as it is located right under the large clock tower that can be seen miles away around Pullman. The building attached is called Bryan Hall and it is near the Terrell Mall benches. Being one of the most famous and most popular Pullman skate spots, the 8 stair rail has seen many tricks in its day. The rails are a skatepark-like rail; sturdy, perfectly slick but not too slick, not too tall, not too short, and the ground is perfect. Not a single crack is there to bother you while you skate this rail. The run up is very slightly at a downhill slope but it helps with speed to get onto the rail. You will never be kicked out for skating this spot but pedestrian traffic is high so keep an eye out when skating these rails.

Planter Ledges

Just down the path from the 8 stair rails and Bryan Hall are the Planter Ledges. Located under the bridge between Murrow and Jackson Hall, these are a series of two concrete ledges that are waxed like butter. For some reason, after all the years they have been skated nonstop, these ledges are still standing strong and grind better than ever. The ledge pictured is the best of the two as the other ledge has some chunks and cracks taken out of it. This spot has regular sidewalk grounds and a few crusty cracks in the run up. The ledges can be hit both backside and frontside for both goofy and regular skateboarders, which is a plus. Skating the planter ledges has no kick out and can be skated day or night. Another nice asset to this spot is that the water fountain in Murrow Hall is the coldest and most fresh water around campus so stay hydrated while you skate :)


Art Building Garage

Near the CUB and another central location of campus in Pullman stands the Fine Arts building. This building is on the same road as the Terrell Mall benches but it is at the bottom of the hill on towards the football stadium. This skate spot is a year round skated spot but it is the ultimate winter skate hub. Off to the side of the main road and Stadium Way is the entrance to this garage. Pictured is the entrance and what you will see first; a nice bump to rail and a bank to skate. But wait, it gets better. To start, this skate spot is fully open to skateboarders; we have been told countless times that we are free to skateboard in the garage as long as we do not graffiti or hit the parked cars, which never happens. So, there are no worries whatsoever for being kicked out. To continue on what this spot has to offer, there are banks everywhere. Some parts of the banks are waxed which makes it fun for tailsliding and skating it like a quarterpipe. There is a bank that rides up a wall making a fun wallride spot. Another obstacle is the parking curbs that are glossy and coated in wax so it is slappy and boardslide central on those things. A loading dock about 3 feet high sits in the very back with a five stair wall rail as well. This spot also has some nice open area for flat groung skating with your friends. Oh, and did we mention that the faculty and other locals leave rails, boxes, and other fun obstacles for us to skate whenever? Well they do and it's mad fun. To top it off, this skate spot is undercover and is lit up with motion sensor lights; basically you will always have fun on a skateboard in here.

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