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7 Skateboard Videos/Parts That Changed Our Live’s for the Better

1 - Cory Kennedy: Pretty Sweet, Sk8rats Pump On This, & Nike SB Chronicles 3

(Buy Pretty Sweet)

(Buy Sk8rats Pump On This)

A Pacific Northwest legend in our opinion, Cory Kennedy is no doubt a Yew favorite.

Couldn’t even pick just one part but this array of video parts seals the deal on how skateboarding should be, and is, fun.

2 - Shane O’Neill: GOES Part

A timeless part with too many jaw-dropping tricks to name. Seriously, watch this video and try to name half of these. The song ‘goes’ too.

3 - Grant Taylor: Welcoming to Antihero video

GT makes 12 foot transition look like mini ramps as he floats every trick effortlessly. SOTY 2011 poster hanging up in the HQ. Amazing.

4 - Rick McCrank: Yeah Right! Part

What’s not good about this part? The song alone makes you want to skate. Crank all the way.

5 – Etienne Gagne: Alltimers NO IDEA Part

Now this is some great skateboarding right here. Etienne holds it down in Canada; been one of our favorites for a long time now. Nice to see all the Montreal spots and a few London clips in there. Spot on.

6 – Austyn Gillette: WKND’s Who’s to Say Part

Style. VX1000. Austyn. Good.

7 – David Gravette: Beware of Sasquatch

Out of Washington State, Beware of Sasquatch is Brandon Jensen’s video from 2010. Another Northwest local, David Gravette, had a standout part. The song choice, filming, and trick selection in Gravette’s part was something else. Always makes you want to go out and skate. And those back 360 no comply’s… <3

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