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Tuesday's Yewsday

Good morning, it's Yewsday. Today is officially the start of some people’s week because of President’s Day. It rained/snowed on and off all throughout the long weekend at Yew HQ so pretty disappointing in terms of some street skating.

We’re really over the rain here; prefer snow as weird as that sounds. Spring skateboarding is just around the corner, we can smell it. Are you a Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter skateboarder? We don’t usually have a preference but the mix of Spring into Summer (Spring/Summer?, Spummer?) is a fun one. Warmer days, you can sit outside when you eat at a restaurant, the air smells like freshly cut grass, and the spots are thawed out to skate and aren't rock solid anymore.

In the excitement of Spring coming our way, we'll share a photo of what 99% of nights looked like last Spring.

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