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Tuesday's Yewsday

Good morning, it's Yewsday. Today is officially the start of some people’s week because of President’s Day. It rained/snowed on and off all throughout the long weekend at Yew HQ so pretty disappointing in terms of some street skating.

We’re really over the rain here; prefer snow as weird as that sounds. Spring skateboarding is just around the corner, we can smell it. Are you a Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter skateboarder? We don’t usually have a preference but the mix of Spring into Summer (Spring/Summer?, Spummer?) is a fun one. Warmer days, you can sit outside when you eat at a restaurant, the air smells like freshly cut grass, and the spots are thawed out to skate and aren't rock solid anymore.

In the excitement of Spring coming our way, we'll share a photo of what 99% of nights looked like last Spring.

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Jordy Hockey
Jordy Hockey
Feb 18, 2020

Spummer is the best season for skating. Not to hot, not to cold. Great weather, and great time to chill outside with some good friends.

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